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Members:  Dub Miller / Brady Black / Adam Odor / Les Lawless / Matt Skinner / Chris Whitten / Jeremy Watkins / Daniel Lindsey / Joe Salinas

Genres:  Country / Americana

Years Active:  1999-Present

“Dub Miller is about as Texas as they come. A former student and corps member at Texas A&M, Dub has entertained many a career path around his musicianship. He’s done everything from working on ranches, on farms, around oil rigs, in John Dickson’s production office and even attended law school for a while. Yet it is his music that is quintessentially Texan. Dub pours each of his life experiences and locations into his songs. He’s a modern poet laureate of Texas culture. His lyrics distill the very essence of Texas without being trite, simple or cliché. The pictures he paints with words are so vivid and detailed that you feel like he’s ripped it straight from your memories.

Dub’s first full studio album, American Troubadour is one of the fines pieces of Texas Music ever recorded.  The Lloyd Maines produced affair features world-class picking from folks like Jeremy Watkins, Matt Skinner and Adam Odor."

- Brad Beheler,

The Midnight Ambassador was recorded at Yellow Dog Studios in Wimberley, Texas and Abbey Road Studios in London, England with long time collaborator Adam Odor. The album features eleven new songs all written by Dub and featuring his unique point of view.



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